Friday, November 19, 2010

Does a PR exec "expire" in Russia?

IABC/Russia hosted a roundtable discussion today at the RIA Novosti press centre, devoted to finding if there was an expiry date for PR executives

Russian PR industry is still fairly young and was started by enthusiasts coming from other industries in early 90s. With many universities now offering degrees in PR, graduates find themselves competing in companies, corporations, organizations and the government with the more aged experienced colleagues as well as cross-market migrants from journalism and other social and technical disciplines.

To sum up in the Chatham House way the two-hour discussion, here are what I thought to be the main findings:

- PR execs in the 22-36 age group are most likely to find a job that matches their needs.

- PR execs don't "expire" in Russia as long as they continue to follow all the modern trends, learn from and adapt to them.

- Aspiring PR execs should find their models or mentors from the more experienced colleagues and follow their example.

A more detailed account of the roundtable discussion in Russian is here

Video recording of the round table is here


  1. Thank you once again for finding the time to be there! Great summary:)

  2. Tanya, my pleasure! Will be doing more of that now that I've set up my IABC blog.

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