Sunday, December 19, 2010

European SYNC3 project presented in Kiev

European FP7 project called SYNC3 was presented in Kiev in early December at the Forum of European and Asian Media as an example of collaborative work on media applications of the future.

The SYNC3 project (Synergetic Content Creation & Communication) is all about machine semantic processing of blog posts on news events. It started in April 2009 and will end in April 2012. The presentation was done by Evi Varsou, Director, Media & CMS, Athens Technology Center.

The FEAM participants have expressed interest in the project and its deliverables. Some good points were raised at a discussion with Manana Aslamazyan, Executive Director, Internews Europe, and Martins Barkans, Chairman of the Board, Latvian News Agency LETA.

Everybody agreed the SYNC3 project's outcome would be quite useful for journalists and analysts. However the popularity of the product in the end would depend on its portability to the main languages spoken in the European and Asian countries considered.

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