Monday, July 18, 2011

Real likes - the power of TV in Russia

I have recently participated in a Russian version of the Oprah TV show called Let Them Speak. The objective was to deliver the official position of my employer on possibly the first ever case in Russia where a journalist had to leave over breach of ethics code caused by an extremist blog post.

The show, hosted by the talented Andrey Malakhov, was aired last Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Moscow time, not Tuesday as planned, due to a change in schedule because of the mourning day.

Friends, former colleagues and relatives called me during the many commercial breaks of the program. On Friday quite a few colleagues came to my glass silo one by one to congratulate on the occasion of participation in the show I have barely watched in its 10 years on the air.

Radio programs, interviews in magazines, occasional quotes in daily newspapers and more often so in online media could not compare with such once-off TV exposure. It's therefore reasonable to assume that appearance on major TV channel in Russia yields "real" likes as compared to the mostly virtual likes of publicity in other media.

While that's still the case, ad revenues in the "zombie box" media - as the TV is called by Russian bloggers - are surely to beat those in all the other traditional and new media.

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