Monday, July 4, 2011

Taking the freedom of expression to extremes in Russia

One week ago experienced journalist and blogger Nikolay Troitsky wrote in his Russian language blog he dreamt of blowing up all the gay people with a special bomb. If you haven't heard of this, please refer to this post in my journalism-related blog.

Probably the most surprising was the polar feedback coming from Russian journalists, bloggers, officials and social activists. However most feedback dealt with the context of Troitsky's reasoning, not the extremist and obscene way in which he expressed it - in fact the main reason for the journalist's dismissal which led to contract termination by mutual consent.

Apparently warmed up by such hypocritical public reception Troitsky eventually put the blame of his job termination on a whistleblowing blogger  who filed a complaint with the journalist employer's press office. And again, quite a few fellow bloggers and journalists supported Troitsky's angst, fearing the return of the age of delators.

Since the worst days of the Soviet era, the delators of the good and the bad have been frowned upon in Russia. Quite often people turn a blind eye to what they witness and hear, pretending that's none of their business. We have a long way to go to learn of the difference between giving a social service heаds up and plain acting as a mole.

My American colleague wrote in a column he felt almost embarrassed to have known Troitsky. Well, I feel almost embarrassed I haven't come across his blog earlier.

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