Saturday, September 10, 2011

Innovating communications for communicating Russia's innovations

A roundtable on new communication techniques for innovation projects was held in Moscow by INVEL, a non-commercial partnership that unites power engineering companies, and Russian PR Association's Committee on communications in the Oil & Energy sector.

Eugeny Kuznetsov, Director of Development and Communications Department, Russian Venture Company, went back into history to see the roots of miscommunication between Russian science and its stakeholders.

“The scientific sector requires delivery orders and problem staging. In the USSR this was well understood and implemented. The market economy of today has failed to become the main customer for the sector. Therefore, the key communication has been lost,” Kuznetsov said.

He said that “in globally-integrated Russia of today, the science has fallen out of global context.”

“Websites of scientific organizations feature news republished from the media. [Authors] can't write articles for international journals up to their standards,” Kuznetsov said.

Low qualification of employees could be a reason. “Twenty years ago your wife or girlfriend would be [the choice for] a PR manager. Today, a similar process is taking place within innovative companies,” Kuznetsov said.*

He concluded that communication should become a key skill for R&D managers of innovation companies, while communicators should focus on particular innovation projects and not the topic in general.


UPD. * Svetlana Kolosova, President at PR Consultancy "Staraya Ploshchad",  presented this kind of cronyism as Russian version of the 4P's of Marketing: [Pure] devotion,  [Pure] devotion, [Pure] devotion, Professionalism.

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