Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nominations for the Silver Archer 2011 Russian PR awards revised

Board of Trustees of the Silver Archer Russian PR awards defined the following nine nominations for 2011, the 15th season:

  • Best project in business communications

  • Best project in territory development and promotion

  • Best project in social communications and charity

  • Best project in scientific achievements and innovations

  • Communications in the global world

  • Best public relations development publication

  • Master (as proposed by the Expert Council)

  • Person of distinction (as proposed by the Board of Trustees)

  • Contribution to cultural development (as proposed by the Board of Trustees)

The Board of Trustees and the Jury additionally have the right to award the 10th, Special prize.

UPD: In an opinion piece in the Sovetnik (Advisor) magazine, Nadezhda Yavdolyuk, Silver Archer's prominent Executive Director wrote: "Projects of great ideas and tight budgets were featured in the awards of 2008-2010 because or notwithstanding the crisis. A new trend [is the arrival] of large scale multilevel highly integrated projects."

Yavdolyuk wrote the new Communications in the global world nomination was created for these kind of projects. "Authors, executives and experts should beware of the multilayered information noise in which main goals and objectives can get lost," she warned.

Entries will be received from 15 November to 31 December 2011. Presentations and awards ceremony will be held on 14-15 February, 2012.

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