Saturday, December 3, 2011

IABC/Russia survey spotlights leading Russian communicators

Russian Chapter of the International Business Communicators Association (IABC) has recently held a survey among its 48 members. Based on 23 responses, here are the findings.

  • The main expertise of Russian communicators, as 74% of the respondents have noted, is in Media Relations, Corporate Communications, B2B Marketing Communications. For 60% of the respondents it's B2C Marketing Communications, Crisis Communications. Internal Communications was mentioned by about half of the respondents, together with GR and Market Research. Web Marketing, Financial Communications, Advertising and Investor Relations were mentioned by fewer than 40% of the respondents.

  • International PR Strategies, Trends in PR of Financial Organizations, Globalization of Russian Companies, Information Wars, Crisis Communications, Territory Branding, Market Research, Improvement of State Procurement were mentioned as top priority topics for discussion within IABC/Russia.

  • PR websites the respondents visit at least once a week are (from top to bottom): (stands for 'Advisor', online since 2000), (website of IABC/Russia), (website on Marketing, Advertising and PR, online since 1998), (website of the Russian PR Association),

  • Over two thirds of the respondents hold memberships in other PR associations, on average 1.7 each, mostly RASO (The Russian PR Association), AKOS (The Russian Communications Consultancies Association), Russian Managers Association, Russian Corporate Media Association.

  • Facebook is the respondents' preferred social media platform – all but one are there! LinkedIn features half as much participants, followed by Tweeter with just over a third of the respondents. A bit over half of the respondents can freely communicate in English.

A concluding point. IABC/Russia seems to be a chapter dominated by title-holders. Of the 48 members, 30 hold executive or public titles, being part of the Strategic Council and the Directors' Council. Which makes IABC in Russia an association of proactive doers. Wonder if there are any other chapters like that.