Friday, February 17, 2012

PR Boutiques vs. Networks: Russian experts have their say

Andrey Lapshov moderated a talk show on PR Boutiques vs. Networks at the RIA Novosti press center in Moscow during the Silver Archer Awards Open Presentation Days on 15 February, 2012. Here are some of the quotes by Russian PR practitioners.

Igor Mintusov: «Networks are better in terms of margins. Their costs are less because of shared knowledge.»

Igor Pisarsky: «Adapting [network's] products to Russia is a tedious process.... Entering a network doesn't prevent fighting for network clients.»

Nastasya Savina: «[PR] Boutiques don't observe common standards. Each one flies their own UFO.»

Miсhael Maslov: “In the West the top-20 is all network agencies.... A [network managing] man from Pittsburg unlike the same from New York doesn't understand at all things could be different elsewhere.... The network brought 2% of business in 2011.”

Natalia Mandrova: “Network agencies have to fight for business all the same.... A decade ago private businesses accounted for over half of revenues. Now 80% comes from state-owned companies or state-funded projects.... Network agencies grow thanks to FMCG.”

Lev Koshlyakov: “Working with network agencies is an inevitable evil.... The rotating managers are likely to let you down in the end”.

Alexander Vikhrov: “We have a general [PR] line while the rest is treated like a side dish.... Dozens of agencies serve us, none are networks.”

Irina Kibina: “In my wardrobe I've got the whole range – from designer clothes to cheap t-shirts.... It all depends on what you need at any given time – the boutiques don't carry out of the box solutions.... On the other hand, there are creative people out there with loads of experience that will keep their word.”

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