Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Press release still a main tool for business communicators in Russia

Here are some takeaways from master class for corporate communicators held at Russian Managers Association (RMA) HQ by Alla Nadezhkina, Press Secretary, RIA Novosti:

  • Press release should equal a quality news story. Rewrite it for different media.

  • Press release doesn't have to repeat a company news story and vice versa. Consider comment, statement, blog post, social media status update, and 'do nothing' as alternatives.

  • Companies often mistake corporate affairs for company news. No wonder such press releases often get mistreated by media.

  • Include photographers and artists in your distribution list. Captions to published photos and illustrations can be as good as a news story.

  • Tabloids long for your “no comment” answer. Give them a suitable alternative instead, even if it's just procrastination.

  • Press release should be sent out individually if the cause is worth it.

  • Make sure your press releases travel faster than rumors, especially concerning company's regional or overseas branches.
About 40 communicators from Russia's leading companies and NGOs took part in the master class which was organized within the RMA Committee for Mass Media and Information Policies.

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