Saturday, February 18, 2012

Silver Archer 2011 winners announced in Moscow

It took two full days, 14-15 February, packed with five lectures and 83 public presentations by shortlisted participants to determine winners of the 15th Silver Archer awards in Russia:

Nomination 1: Best Project in Business Communications
70th Anniversary of Joint Stock Company Sibelektromotor, Tomsk
JSC Sibelektromotor;

Nomination 2: Best Project in Social Communications and Charity
“I am grateful for my success to...”
Tomsk City

Nomination 3: Best Project in Scientific Achievements & Innovations
Promoting Tomsk Region as Innovation Center
Department of Information Policy & PR, Tomsk Region Administration;

Nomination 4: Best Project in Territory Development & Promotion
The Names of the Voronezh City
Gennady Shatalov, Voronezh;

Nomination 5: Communications in the Global World
Russia Beyond the Headlines, Moscow
Rossiyskaya Gazeta;

Nomination 6: Best PR Development Publication
Denis Vizgalov, author of the book City Branding;

Nomination 7: Master of PR (suggested by the Expert Council)
Sergey Zverev;

Nomination 8: Person of Distinction (suggested by the Board of Trustees)
Olga Romanova, journalist and activist;

Nomination 9: Contribution to Cultural Developmeny (suggested by the Board of Trustees)
The “Citizen Poet” project;

Special Prize of the Board of Trustees
The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM
For large-scale work on restoring confidence in the global nuclear industry after the Fukusima crisis.

Congratulations to all the winners!

UPD: Perhaps, a peculiar feature of the Russian PR market - you don't see any PR agencies openly involved in the winning projects, except for the Nomination 4.

UPD2: Photos from the ceremony can be previewed here.

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