Monday, February 6, 2012

Silver Archer bridges PR projects in Russia and the USA

On 25 January, 2012 the first ever international Silver Archer awards ceremony was held in Washington, D.C. The ceremony at the Russian Embassy's exquisite Grand Hall gathered a largely bilingual audience of over 80 people, mostly participants in the 19 community and business PR projects, from the USA, Canada and Russia, that received diplomas and prizes for their entries.

Winners were named in each of the five categories of the newly introduced Communications in the Global World nomination:

Culture: Children's Festival of Russian Culture, The Russian American Cultural Heritage Center.

Goodwill: Siberian Heart Project, The Russian American Medical Association.

Media: Web Portal

Business: Communications Support of the Webinon Center, joint project by Target Labs, Inc., and BrandHouse (Russia).

Person of Distinction: Dr. Uli Zislin, Founder and Curator, Washington Museum of Russian Poetry and Music.

The ceremony also featured touching musical performances by Dr. Zislin and by the talented duo of Zlata Lund, director, Russian American Colony Singers, and her mother.

Fascinating Russian-style costumes for the three models involved in the ceremony were created by another diploma holder, Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar.

Nadezhda Yavdolyuk, Executive Director, Silver Archer, and Valery Levchenko, Head of the nomination's Expert Group, were the main hosts of the evening. Inna Preobrazhenskaya is Silver Archer's representative in the USA.

Silver Archer's main activities are scheduled for 14-15 February and will take place at RIA Novosti. Open presentations by managers of the 83 shortlisted projects will help define winners for the awards ceremony. The PR award, largest in Russia, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

The Expert Group unanimously agreed at the shortlist meeting on 30 January to let the Washington's ceremony diploma holder Elena Suvorova-Philips, President, United Russian American Association, include her organization's project The Captain of The Earth in the main judging process. Eight other projects of international to global scale were shortlisted at the meeting.

The bridge between PR projects in Russia and the USA has thus been built. Stay tuned for more!

UPD: And here's a story on the main ceremony's winners.

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