Saturday, March 3, 2012

Foreign business journalists to be distinguished by Russian award

PRESSZVANIE, a prominent business journalism award, will once again choose the best foreign journalist among those accredited in Russia in the special Topical Theme nomination.

UPDATE: Three journalists have been shortlisted for 2012:

- Florian Willershausen, WirtschaftsWoche Heute
- Gerald Hosp, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
- Ben Aris, Business New Europe.

The award's name comes from the words PRESS and ZVANIE (Russian for 'rank' or 'title'). When pronounced, it also resembles the Russian word for 'vocation'. For 2012, the 8th regular season, there will be nine industry-based nominations and five special nominations, including Topical Theme.

Each nomination has a backing partner to advise the award's Jury on shortlisted candidates. Topical Theme is backed by RIA Novosti, Russian multimedia holding. Previous winners in the nomination included:

2011 - André Ballin, Moscow bureau chief of WirtschaftsBlatt;
2010 – Zhao Jialing, Moscow economic correspondent of Xinhua;
2009 – Cristina Giuliano, Moscow correspondent, then Apcom;
2008 – Gisbert Mrozek, Director, RUFO;
2007 - Emmanuel Grynszpan, Moscow correspondent, La Tribune;
2006 – Peter Fischer, Moscow correspondent, Neue Zuricher Zeitung.

PRESSZVANIE is managed by the same team that runs Silver Archer, Russia's largest PR award. The business journalism award's ceremony will take place on 20 April in Moscow.

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