Friday, July 27, 2012

International PR agencies ranking prompts development of a Russian one

Four Russian PR agencies have made it to the Holmes Report Global Ranking 2012. AGT Communications climbed 8 notches to #50. CROS went down 10 to #55. Mihailov & Partners debuted at #75. And, Pro-Vision Group, a recent Gold Quill winner, rose 16 to #158.

Their range in fee incomes for 2011: $6.7 million - $23.8 million. Whereas the general range for the ranking is $2.2 million - $614.9 million. You may think there were no other independent Russian PR agencies in the ranking because of their too small size. However, that's not the case. The main reason is lack of transparency in the Russian PR market.

The good side is that three Russian organizations have just teamed up to create a transparent ranking of local PR firms. Two of them are associations: Russian Public Relations Association (RASO) and Association of Consultants in the field of public relations (AKOS). The third is an analytical center called “RIA-Analytics”, which is a part of the RIA Novosti multimedia group.

Stanislav Naumov, RASO President, said that having four Russian companies in the global ranking served as “first good signal” to start creation of a similar local ranking. Andrey Barannikov, AKOS Chairman doubling as RASO vice-president, confirmed his willingness to proceed with the discussion on the project. Both were quoted in today's RIA Novosti story.

Well, good signal indeed. The more transparent are the Russian PR agencies, the more efficient their international efforts and projects are likely to become. Let's hope the associations' enthusiasm will be matched by the market players.

The three parties plan a roundtable in the coming weeks, involving experts and the media to facilitate the discussion.