Friday, September 21, 2012

Russian Managers Association's TOP-1000 — excellent PR project in its13th year

Russian Managers Association released yesterday in cooperation with the Kommersant publishing house the 13th annual TOP-1000 of managers in Russia. The rating comprises list with 200 CEOs and eight lists of 100 top functional managers each (CFO, CMO, CTO, CCO, etc.).

The 200 CEOs list this year includes 24 business leaders from blue chip companies, mostly monopolies with a large share of export revenues. A quick comparison with a global brands list shows that out of the nine Russian brands on the global list six are represented in the business leaders section of the TOP-1000.

This probably means the TOP-1000 could serve as early warning of more Russian companies inhabiting the global brands list soon.

The TOP-1000 is formed by nine expert groups, composed of the association's members as well as invited managers. The nominates are first preselected then voted on. The winners in each list's 18 industry segments of five or more managers each qualify for the Aristos Awards. This year's ceremony will be held on 24 October.

Not that many media write about the whole TOP-1000. However, a lot more coverage is gained from the PR stories featuring the winners – no wonder. Yandex News yields over 70 stories just one day after the rating's publication. Including one by my employer RIA Novosti, boasting of the nine top managers, including the CEO, entering the TOP-1000. An excellent PR topic, indeed.

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