Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking Readers to Your Company's Opinion Leaders

Today there were at least two posts – hat tip to Twitter - on benefits of joint SEO and PR operation in PR agencies, in form of marriage or merger.

These trends just have to bear fruit on the clients' websites soon. Because there is a strong need of optimizing corporate websites for the sake of journalists and bloggers.

Corporate website shouldn't mask a company's opinion leaders. However complex consumer-customer-shareholder-stakeholder content layers do exactly that. Especially when such layers are further divided by territories and/or languages.

Here are five ways to optimize your website and increase copywriters' engagement with it:
  • Include a curated media coverage section with links to stories and posts featuring the company.
  • Maintain a public calendar of the company's events and memorable dates with share and export functions.
  • Do a corporate blog.
  • Link to relevant corporate downloads (photos, videos, infographics, etc.). Mention respective opinion leaders in all of the above.
  • Let bloggers freely use the corporate downloads previously available only to journalists.
Optimized websites produce good search results even with a fictional cliche. Search phrase 'Take Me to Your Leader' yields surprisingly good results on Coca-Cola's corporate website, while suggests the Consultants Network.

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